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Ebooks Gratuit > Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files 12 - Changes

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Publiéle 12/07/2010

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Product Description

I answered the phone, no big deal, until I heard the message: 'They've taken our daughter.' Harry Dresden, professional wizard, has never faced anything like this. Arianna Ortega, Red Court vampire, blames Harry for her husband's death - and she's out for revenge. So her discovery that Susan Rodriguez had borne Harry a daughter was an unexpected gift. Arianna's next step was to kidnap the girl and she plans to use her blood in a violent ritual sacrifice designed to kill Harry, Susan and their daughter. With the White Council of Wizards and the Red Court in a state of detente, Harry finds himself alone except for a handful of allies - resources utterly inadequate to challenging the Red King and his entire vampire Court. With the life of his child at stake, Susan's humanity hanging in precarious balance and with his own death looming, Dresden must find a new source of strength. In the past, there had always been a line Harry wouldn't cross, and though dark powers have tempted him time and again, he never gave in. But then, only his own life was at stake.

About the Author

Jim Butcher is a ten-year student of martial arts and works as a computer support technician. Jim lives in Missouri with his wife and son and a houseful of computers.

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Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files 12 - Changes Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files 12 - Changes Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files 12 - Changes

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Publiéle 12/07/2010

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de rien
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