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Publiéle 01/11/2017


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The Corn King and the Spring Queen


The Corn King and the Spring Queen tells of ancient civilisations where tenderness, beauty and love vie with brutality and dark magic. Erif Der, a young witch, is compelled by her father to marry his powerful rival, Tarrik the Corn King, so becoming the Spring Queen. Forced by her father, she uses her magic spells to try and break Tarrik's power. But one night Tarrik rescues Sphaeros, an Hellenic philosopher, from a shipwreck. Sphaeros in turn rescues Tarrik from near death and so breaks the enchantment that has bound him. And so begins for Tarrik a Quest - a fabulous voyage of discovery which will bring him new knowledge and which will reunite him with his beautiful Spring Queen.
The Blood of the Martyrs


Introduced by Donald Smith. Set in Rome during Nero's reign of terror, The Blood of the Martyrs is a disciplined historical novel tracing the destruction of one cell of the early church. With a cast of slaves, ordinary Roman people, exiles and entertainers, it is thorough in its historical interpretation and in its determination to make the past accessible and readable. Written in 1938-9, the novel contains many symbolic parallels to the rise of European fascism in the 1930s and the desperate plight of persecuted minorities such as the Jews and the left-wing activists with whom Naomi Mitchison personally campaigned at the time. With the invasion of Britain a real possibility, she felt compelled to write a testament to the power of human solidarity which, even faced with death, can overcome the worst that human evil can achieve. The Blood of the Martyrs is the least autobiographical of Mitchison's major works of fiction, yet, with its implicit credo, is her most passionately self-revealing.

Solution Three


As a fast-paced novel about a future shaped by feminist ideals of sexual and racial equality, "solution three" at first seems to be a peaceful answer to the world's problems. Homosexuality as an international norm and reproduction by cloning have minimized aggression and overpopulation. The sexes have equal rights and status, racial tension has been eliminated through genetic intermixing, and scientists work closely with the governing body, the Council, to keep an eye on the food supply and to heal the earth of prior environmental terrorism.
Except in a few outlying areas, things seem to be going smoothly. But even in the privileged center, two women are quietly rebelling. Miryam, a geneticist, is secretly married and rearing her own children. Lilac, a surrogate mother chosen to carry a clone baby, tries to evade releasing him, as customary, for social conditioning.
When a mysterious virus appears in distant wheat crops, when deviant sects kill a Council member and a Clone, when even the Clones exhibit unexpected sexual behaviour, Mutumba, the strong and wise leader of the Council, ponders whether the principle of diversity, essential to the food supply, might also hold for people. What is the cost to women of this new model for reproducing life? With Mutumba, and others, one wonders: is it time for a new solution-a solution four?
Originally published in 1975, Mitchison's visionary science fiction presents a world created by both women and men that is far ahead of our own. "Like Herland, Solution Three imagines a society in which women have used reproductive control to shape a more equitable life for all, eradicating aggression and providing social support for motherhood...Solution Three presents a new, more positive vision of science as a realm in which women could indeed make a difference, and shape the course of knowledge."-From the Afterword by Susan M. Squier.

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